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Dear friends, As of January 1 2014, Good Tone Guild Reeds is proud to announce the return of the Rookie+ oboe reed.

About GTG
Our Mission PDF Print E-mail

Our mission at Good Tone Guild™ Double Reeds is to provide the best reeds possible to the double reed community. We have the philosophy that we need to make reeds that will enhance the double reed player's experience with his or her instrument. Double reed instruments can be challenging and we want to make the musical experience for all players of all levels as easy and as successful as possible.

We are expert reed makers and have many years of experience as professionals and teachers. We are absolutely dedicated to providing not only top quality reeds, but to keeping our prices moderate.

Our Famous Guarantee PDF Print E-mail

All Good Tone Guild™ Oboe  Reeds are guaranteed to play. If they do not play absolutely to your satisfaction, you may exchange them free of charge.

Typically a reed might be exchanged:

  • If the reed has spontaneously cracked, as opposed to its having hit something. Spontaneous cracking can happen. It is, however, relatively rare. Remember that dry reeds are especially fragile. If the reed is dropped before getting it wet, the reed can sustain serious damage. Such damage, of course, is not covered by the guarantee.

A reed often needs to be played a few times to be broken-in. Playing a reed just 5-10 minutes a day will usually suffice.