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Dear friends, As of January 1 2014, Good Tone Guild Reeds is proud to announce the return of the Rookie+ oboe reed.

For Teachers
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To the Teacher of Double Reed Instruments:

The importance of a good oboe reed can't be underestimated, as you know. We strive to make the Rookie+ oboe reed the most enjoyable and playable reeds in your student's reed case.

To the Middle School, High School or College Instrumental Music Teacher or Conductor:

Your support of your double reed section is vital! Although they may be relatively few in number, oboe and bassoon students are typically high achievers, highly academic, very independent, and extremely self reliant. Please offer them the support of connecting them to good reed sources. Ask that your Boosters contribute to the cost of reeds and even reed making supplies to your young oboists and bassoonists.

Good Tone Guild™ is here to serve you and your students and we thank you!