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Dear friends, As of January 1 2014, Good Tone Guild Reeds is proud to announce the return of the Rookie+ oboe reed.

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We have customers from all over the world. Read what they have to say about Good Tone Guild Double Reeds!



Hi Meg,


I just wanted to thank you for the EH reeds.  They're very nice and working out well.  I've passed your website link around to some friends and hope to be in contact with you again sometime.







Thanks Meg.

I have 2 of your EH reeds that I LOVE but they are on their “last legs”. I played 3 performances of Nutcracker last weekend (the entire ballet) and was SO happy that I could rely on them to hit every low B in the score. I always get nervous at the beginning of Act 2 since there’s a major moment for EH to hit a low B, but I played with confidence on your reed. There are so many moments in Nutcracker that need low EH notes and your reed delivered all of them. Phew! (You can use that as a testimonial if you’d like.)





Hi Meg,I wanted to let you know that the reeds [Pro] made it to Spain and I am very pleased them. Even though they are a little open, which I know will change as I break them in, they feel very nice and easy to play. They have a beautiful tone throughout all the registers with a great response. I have a sister who is a middle school band director. She has yet to find a good source for student oboe reeds, and I am definitely going to recommend your reeds. It is difficult to find such good quality, consistent reeds and the price is very competitive; I know she will be pleased. Thank you very much. You are helping make getting back in shape a whole lot less painful!

Thanks again,


Hi Meg,

I've tried 2 reed[Signature] now. A medium and medium hard. After a week of regular playing on them my idea stays the same as on day one. These are very nice reeds. I like the tone (also when I listen to recordings), I like the dynamic range and the stability, low notes can be played very silent and easy, high notes need little embouchure correction, maybe some lack of brilliance starting at high A but nothing serious. When I've opened the plastic tubes the reeds started to make ticking sounds.Where I live, the climate is the opposite of where you live, living in a very humid environment and thats probably the reason for the ticking. Luckely it didn't affect the reeds in a negative manner,at least I think. I have to mention how easy and relaxed they play. After 1 hour study and 1 hour rehersal I've managed to survive another 2 hour rehersal where the following piece is played:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jahFvnuMzE&feature=related  (this is a baroque version) and that is very demanding for the oboeplayers, especially in rehearsals.

They also give a feeling of confidence and that is a very important aspect to me.

It's to soon to tell for sure but I've got the impression they will play for a long time.

So, final conclusion: great reeds!

I'll place a new order soon.

My regards,





Meg's reeds are fantastic!  I am a mediocre, self-taught oboist, and her reeds allow even me to produce a beautiful tone with my oboe.  And they last forever!  Several years ago, I purchased a reed which I used for a while and then lost.  A year or two later, I found it in old can full of pens and pencils and  was about to throw it away, but decided to try it out first.  It played to perfection and I'm still using it.  This longevity doesn't help her sales volume, but it's nice for her consumers.  I've played her reeds in Abravanel Hall, the home of the Utah Symphony (when it was empty, of course); beside lakes in the Wasatch Mountains at elevations close to 10,000 feet; in churches around the Salt Lake Valley; in rest homes; in hospitals; in the West Jordan City Council chambers; in my garage; and in my basement where my family exiles me to practice, and they have performed with consistent elegance in each of these environments.  I've sometimes thought it would be a good idea to learn to make my own reeds, but then I've thought, why bother, when I've got the perfect reed already.  If Meg stops making making reeds, I may have to retire my oboe and try to play the violin instead

Scott in West Jordan, UT


Hi Meg-I've had great success with your reeds..I am still playing on the last one you sent, and the stability of the reed itself, tuning & tone wise, is just great! I still need it medium strength, with just a touch on the harder side, but not much harder, :) ! Thanks again for your good reeds and service, I love them! Marie (Pat) B.


Id like to take the opportunity to thank you for your wonderful service. I
auditioned (as you know) this saturday for the San Bernardino County honor band
and made first oboe... Ive only been playing four months so I think its you and
your reeds who deserve the thanks :)



A few weeks ago, my reeds fell out of my gig bag as I was getting into my car,
and I ran over them.  Of course, this happened a week before two concerts with
major solos.  I didn't have time to make any reeds by then, so I called Meg on a
Friday afternoon.  She made two beautiful reeds and got them to me on Monday
(and I live in New York!). What incredible service!  I've gone back to making my
own, but whenever the need arises, I will buy my reeds from Meg.

Vickie P.

I just finished practicing the Poulenc Trio with one of your reeds.  I believe that it is the nicest reed that I've ever played.  It has a wonderfully centered and focused tone.  Thanks!


Hi Meg:

Your [D'amore] reeds are great.  I've hand a chance to play them on the Bulgheroni d'amore.  I think they tend to speak and project the best when mated with the Hiniker bocal rather than the Dallas (Lickman) bocal.

I think your reeds have a really tasteful balance of darkness / brightness.  As you pointed out in your instructions, they do take a little breaking in as they seem a bit stiff at the start.  Good job.


Pax et Bonum,

Russ Campbell

I have had noticeable improvement in my playing since using your reeds.  Many have commented on my lush tone.  I thank you for giving me great reeds that let my oboe really speak!


Linda Henry

Just a short note to say thanks for your quick response and great reeds. My son had an important audition coming up on Friday, and due to a couple of reed mishaps and eather changes, we realized on Wednesday
night that he was down to only 1 really good sounding reed. We decided we needed at least a couple of "back-up" reeds in case the good one failed, so I searched the net to find a reed maker that could get us two reeds by the next day.

We called Meg, who guided us through the selection process and sent the reeds out that same day. He had never tried Good Tone before, but while warming up, he gave it a try, and it actually sounded better than his "#1" reed, with a distinctly better response in the lower register. He ended up using the Good Tone reed (no longer the "back-up"reed) and played a successful audition. Thanks for an excellent product and a great "emergency response".

Long Island, NY

Hi Meg,

Thank you so much for the reeds. I read through all your information with great interest and passed out the reeds tonight to my students. We agree that they are pretty hard to begin with, but I gave my students your advice about breaking in. One mom even commented on how much better they sounded - and it was brand-new one! Thank you, thank you!

I'm a bassoon player by trade (masters in bassoon from Kent State in Ohio) and I started teaching oboe because I was tired of people asking me if I would! Finally, I think I've found reeds that will work for me and my students. Watch for my next order!


Dear Meg,

At long last a few words to thank you for your part in helping me to resume my career as an oboist after my quintuple by-pass surgery.

I underwent cardiac surgery in mid summer about five weeks before our annual two week chamber music session at Bennington College in Vermont, an event my wife, also an oboist, and I have attended since the late 1960's.  My intention was to attend while I was healing, as a non-playing spouse. However about three weeks after my surgery I began to feel that it might be possible after all, to do a little playing at the conference.  That's when I called you and requested some very unresistant reeds.  The reeds you sent were perfect.  Although the sound I produced at first was quite light I was able to gradually increase my endurance.  What a joy it was to be playing again!  I am indeed thankful for your concern and expertise.

Marty Lipnick

Greetings, Meg- Thanks for your response. I'm not in a major hurry - I think my first rehearsal is next week, but the reeds I have from my previous order are still hanging in there...so no need to do a major rush. I wanted to thank you for finally helping me find a reed I can buy and actually use for performances! The reeds you made for me last spring worked very well- I got tons of compliments on my english horn playing as well (I purchased the set of 3 eh reeds). I'm looking forward to more good reeds from Good tone Guild:)

thanks again-


I have been searching for more than a year for the perfect reed source and I have finally found it! The reeds arrived quickly and required very little work to get them to be exactly what I was looking for. They have great tone and response in all registers! The artist staple also makes a big difference; it gives the reeds a fantastic resonance. I don't think I can blame bad playing on my reeds anymore. I will certainly order from the Good Tone Guild again!!


I have yet to meet a reed maker who is more accommodating and knowledgeable.

Thank you so much!
Marv Johnson
Teaneck, NJ



Meg Cassell's Good Tone Guild™ oboe reeds are terrific! Good Tone truly describes the product and is not just a fancy brand name. I have found that her evaluation of a reed's resistance level has been right on the mark and very consistent. The cost of an individual reed is reasonable, and the Value Pack option is the best buy around. She also has helpful information for students on reed care, etc. Service is fast and courteous. Good reeds, good price, good service who could ask for anything more?

Ruth Dahlke
Professor of Oboe
Minnesota State University, Moorhead



Hello Meg, Just saying thanks for the great reeds. The largest part of Reese's oboe experience [over the last three years] has been played using your reeds, and no matter what oboe you play, it pretty much all comes down to having a good reed. So, thanks again for providing your great workmanship -- it really is an art--and the wonderful personal service you provide. You're the best!

Bee McFaddin (mom of Reese DuBlois, a college scholarship recipient for oboe)



When I have used Good Tone Guild™ reeds on my English horn in shows on Broadway, in operas such as "Carmen", in Bach arias, chamber music, and other concerts, people have commented "you make such a warm sound--so beautiful, and so in tune." I owe comments such as this to the quality and consistency of Good Tone Guild™ Reeds.

Thanks again,
Sarah Davol
New York Freelance Oboist and Recording Artist;
(Modern and Historical Instruments)



Dear Miriam, Carol and list, I have just received reeds from Meg Cassell at www.goodtoneguild.com and wanted to Thank you Miriam and Carol for reffering me to order from Meg. For starters Meg made me feel like a special costumer, gave me her devoted full attention, listened carefuly, asked me questions and knew what I was looking for. But again i must say I was really impressed with the fact that she was very friendly and I didnt feel like i was buying from her for the first time.

Second, the reeds were awesome!!! Just as everyone else said. They are amazing! I have ordered reeds from all over the world and always had to send them back for touch up. It's so comforting to know that now I do have great reeds to play on. I thought about switching to flute so that I dont have to deal with reeds again in my life. But now thanks to Meg's reeds I'm practising again.

Sorry for taking everyone's time but I really think those of you who dont make your own reeds and are frustrated like I was should know about this.

Happy Reeds
Sameer Al-Abdullah



Bringing Good Tone Guild™ reeds to my students has immediately improved their sound, enjoyment of playing, intonation, and control. These reeds are so reliable and comfortable. My students can go to a rehearsal, an audition, or play a concert without ANY worries about their reeds. No other reeds, professionally hand made or otherwise, have been able to do this. These reeds are amazing! I'd have no hesitation using them myself!

Thanks again,
Lynne Cohen
New York City freelance oboist;
Instructor of Oboe;
Rowan University



We got the package Friday, and Thorin played all five reeds about five minutes each. He likes the reed case (a good motivator to mess around with the oboe, since yesterday was the last day of school), and he says, “The reeds are really nice.” True to your company name, his tone is the best it has ever been even with the fresh, unbroken-in reeds. I wish we had found you when he started playing last September, but better late than never.




You make outrageous claims about what your reeds can do and after having tried them under fire I can now say the claims are all true. I wouldn't have believed it.

Thank You,
Chip Robinson
Cambridge, MA


Hi!! My name is Gloriana, I am from Costa Rica and I have just bought you a Speedy Sharp, I am really happy with it, it shipped really fast and it works great, it is easy to use, it's small, cute is perfect for me!!! and my knifes!!! Well I play the oboe and I just wanted to tell you that I knew about you because Brenda Shumann the oboist came here and she had the same sharpener and I really wondered about it. Believe me that I am trying to convince everyone to buy one of these great tools!!

Thanks again,
Gloriana Saenz-Azuola
San Jose, Costa Rica



Hello Meg, The reed case [for six reeds] arrived last week and I thank you so much! It is beautiful, and the kids that I have in the summer have been enthralled by it, I guess because it is so different. They are giving Christmas hints to their parents for one, because it fits so nicely in the back of the Fox oboe case. The reeds stay so secure in these cases, I wish that I had known about them years ago!! Thank you for everything, Meg. I appreciate you so much!!

Every Blessing,
Barbara Girdler
Columbia, MD



Thanks so much for the most recent reed order! They all play beautifully. I can't imagine ever having to use your guarantee. It's great to find a consistent and fast source for reeds. My schedule makes it tough to make enough reeds for myself, let alone for students. All the reeds I've received from you have a nice dark sound and very even intonation. I do a lot of recording work. The microphone acts as a microscope for any deficiencies. Your reeds stand the test!

Thanks again,
Phil Feather
Studio musician;
Professor of Oboe;
California State University, Los Angeles



I have been ordering Good Tone reeds for my daughter, Marissa, for over a year now. Marissa is a junior in high school and plays principal oboe in the Youth Symphony of Fresno as well as just received word that she will be principal oboe for California all-state honor orchestra. All auditions were using Meg's reeds! In addition to the quality of the reeds, Meg is conscientious and considerate in all of her dealings. She always lets me know the status of when the reeds will be arriving. Although Marissa's oboe teacher would like Marissa to become more proficient at reed-making herself, she had to be realistic knowing that Marissa's schedule not only includes music (oboe, piano and voice) but dance classes, many AP classes and school activities. Meg has provided Marissa the opportunity to use quality reeds without having to spend the time to make them. She has allowed Marissa to spend time studying and working on her oboe playing.

Thanks Meg,
Diane Honda aka Mom
Fresno, California



You sent me an oboe reed order awhile back (2 green #3, 1 red #4 on Chudnow staples). Oh, I just love the tone - I don't think I have ever sounded this good.

What lovely reeds!,
Judy Norris



Hello, Just dropping a line to say thank you so much for your wonderful products. I cannot tell you how many times I have ordered a reed from a company, waited a week or two only to be disappointed when it arrives. Being in the double reed world, I am only too sure you know the hardships of being a double reed player. Your skill as an oboe player depends on your reed on a day-to-day basis. I must tell you, that at the beginning of my senior year this year I was more than ready to quit band simply because my oboe-reed troubles outshadowed the good oboe-reed times. For years, I looked for a reed that was anything like the ones your company offers. Now, I am excited and confident every time I take my oboe out of its case because I KNOW my reed will work perfectly. I can't thank you enough. You saved me from quitting and missing out on my last year in band. And now with your product, I am confident during college auditions. Your product and your company are gifts from God.

Thanks again,
Paige Haubold
Henderson, Nevada



I am very happy and fortunate to have found oboe and English horn reeds that play as well as these from Good Tone Guild™ Double Reeds. They respond well in all registers and can be played with all the dynamics necessary. They also adjust very easily if the need arises. I will and have recommended these reeds to the professional and student players I know. The customer service is of the highest level! Thanks, Meg, for your excellent product!!

Glen Berger
Los Angeles Woodwind Performer